FLAVON, a Great New Health Product

You know I have been trying my best to stay healthy so that I can “Live Every Day of My Life.”  My post this month is about a great new product that is winning many prizes for being a breakthrough health product. It is called FLAVON. I am taking it and have found it to be so helpful I will be taking it for the rest of my life. I have even become a distributor so that I can purchase it for friends who desperately need it but cannot afford it for themselves. I’d also like to see my grandchildren on it. It is the best and easiest way I know to receive the health benefits of eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Flavon Green


A product like this has never been done before. It is a sublingual antioxidant that works faster, better and has more absorption than any other product. Sublingual means that you put it on your tongue and it goes directly into your blood stream. It rebuilds your blood system and detoxifies your body at the same time.


The wife of the owner of Flavon had breast cancer. Believing that it would help her beat the cancer, he wanted to feed her the healthiest, most pure food he could find. He understood that fruits and vegetables contain the most food value with the fewest problems. They are full of flavonoids which neutralize free radicals that result in disease. Over several years, he developed this product and kept improving it. His wife is now cancer free and he is dedicated to spreading the good news of this product all over the world.


Flavon is a family-owned, debt free company. The product has been developed over ten years in Hungry and has a solid reputation all over Europe. It sells 230,000 boxes of product per month in Hungary alone and is now selling in 37 countries. The number of customers is growing daily. It was launched in the United States in December of 2013.


Small jars of non GMO fruits and vegetables that have been grown without pesticides or chemicals, sun-ripened, harvested at their peak, and immediately processed without preservatives at very low temperatures so they are essentially raw and lose none of their potency. The produce is harvested when it has the optimum level of enzymes and because it is not cooked, enzymes are alive in the jam. Each small jar contains 70 to 80 lbs. of fruit or vegetables. Vacuum technology extracts water and oxygen so it becomes a compact sweet tasting jam that is full of raw enzymes and minerals. No sugar is added. The flavor is so satisfying people have found that their craving for sweets diminishes.

The exciting thing is that its absorption rate is roughly 95% which is absolutely unique. The absorption rate for pill supplements is 5 to 15%, for liquids or juices 40-50% and for Flavon 90 to 95% or higher. The product is regularly checked at Brunswick Lab to make sure it is pristine clear.

The product has large quantities of flavonoids, which are antioxidents that defend your body from free radicals – unstable electrons that damage your cells and cause diseases like cancer, allergies and wrinkles. The more flavonoids you consume, the less likely you are to develop heart disease.  There are no flavonoids in any source but fruits and vegetables, but there are one million antioxidents in Green and Protect. These counter chemicals, preservatives, excessive medicines and stress. The jam literally goes after the cancer cells. Protect and Max Plus, two of the products, have more flavonoids than 300 liters of red wine.


Prof. Dr. Dinya Zoltan has been studying Flavonoids for 40 years and has more than 200 international publications about Flavonoids. There are many randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies with Flavon products in the fields of cardiovascular, pulmonology, gastroenterology, etc. The product is certified in 31 countries, FDA approved and is totally all natural.


Start with Protect and Green. You receive two bottles of each in the starter box. It should last you two months or one month if two people take it. If you like it, there are other products you can add. All the products should be taken on an empty stomach.

Protect: Take thirty minutes before breakfast. Wait 10 minutes before taking anything else. Take two of the small spoonfuls that accompany it (The bottle says one. We recommend two.) This product prevents inflammation, is good for your joints and protects your insides.

Green: Take 2 spoonfuls 30 minutes before dinner or at bedtime if you prefer. If it gives you excess energy and keeps you awake at night, take it earlier in the day. This product gives your body an alkaline environment where cancer does not grow, balances the digestion system, detoxifies your body and tends to make you regular. You can work up to 3 spoonfuls a day.

Max Plus, their premium product, is for professional athletes and is good to take before exercise or sports. Take before lunch or before exercise. Do not take with coffee.

Active gives you more energy and helps you lose weight. It should be taken before 4:00 pm and is good before a workout.

Kids is a great way to get vegetables in children. It is high in vitamin C, B, and Folic acid.

If you have cancer, start out slowly. Begin with Protect and Green, 1 spoonful at first and work up to 3.

If you are ill or have chronic illnesses like arthritis, new problems or high blood pressure, work up to 4 spoons a day. If you are ill, you should try to take one box a month.

If you break out in a rash at first, it means things are pouring out of your skin because it is detoxing. It will clear up.

If you have more energy at first and then have a period where you are more tired, it means your body is detoxing and you will eventually return to the energy you felt at first.


Each bottle costs $45.00. You can only purchase four at a time in one box for $180 plus $9.95 shipping.

If you think the product is expensive, consider that it would cost hundreds of dollars to buy the 80 lbs. of vegetables that are in one bottle and only 20% of the benefits would end up in your blood system.

If you want to register to try it, you need a sponsor.  My Sponsor number is M-424980, the website: www.flavonmax.com. I advise starting with the Orac box: 2 Protect and 2 Green. The website isn’t easy to navigate. If you want help to order or to know more, please email or call me.

Barbara Hattemer                                      barbhat@infionline.net

207-367-5506 Until October 15

239-594-7754 October 15 to June 15.

Next blog, I will include testimonials and more information about ingredients.

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  1. Kitty Proctor says:

    You never stop having wonderful things to share with your friends. I am up to try this bsed n your recommendtion. It is stamina that is my biggest issue and I need to get in a rountine exercise parogram so that playing golf is more enjoyable. Still quite tired. Thanks for sharing . Kitty

    • Barbara Hattemer says:

      Kitty, it was great to hear from you. So glad you want to try Flavon. Let me know if you want help with the ordering or have questions. If you want stamina, I suggest the three I use: Protect, Green, and Max plus. Hope it helps.

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