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Field of Daisies by Barbara Hattemer

Field of Daisies
ISBN 1602903212
OakTara (March 7, 2012)

Written to bring hope and comfort to people who have Alzheimer's in their families
and fear they may be next.

Andrea and Lans Mulder met as young teenagers on Andrea's family farm in Pennsylvania, renewed their romance as young adults during an enchanted week in Paris, and married in a storybook wedding in a field of daisies.

With two growing children, their life has been as close to perfect as you can imagine. But when the destructive degenerative disease of Alzheimer's strikes the third generation of Andrea's family, can even a made-for-each-other couple stand strong - and stay together? Especially when Andrea herself receives the worst news of her life?

A poignant story of hope, faith, and determination to beat seemingly impossible odds. With a special focus on Alzheimer's.

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"I'd like to commend you for the wonderfully sensitive manner in which you... provided redemptive treatment of a difficult subject."
--Focus on the Family

"What a heartwarming, informative message. I did not want it to end."
--Marilyn North

"The main characters are real and easy to relate to as they struggle with tough decisions and priorities... Field of Daisies made me laugh, cry and shout for joy!"
--Ellen Elmore

"I smiled at every reference to the disease because it is so true, honest and accurate, capturing exactly what Alzheimer's patients and their families experience... The message stayed with me and gave me comfort... It will definitely help families deal with the fear of what will happen to coming generations."
--LuAnne Wahlstrom, Director Alzheimer's Care Club

An Island Just For Us by Barbara Hattemer

An Island Just For Us
ISBN 1602903743
OakTara (June 14, 2013)

Might the mysterious Todd Langdon be the partner Elena has waited for?

Twenty-one-year-old Elena Richards, disappointed in her shallow dating life, longs for the deep, secure relationship she sees in her parents. While on her family's annual vacation at their cabin on an island in Maine's beautiful Penobscot Bay, she meets handsome Todd Langdon. Intrigued by the sadness in his eyes to know more about him, she finds herself irresistibly drawn closer.

Twenty-six-year-old Todd Langdon has always lived in an unraveling family that stumbles from crisis to crisis. Faced with a turning point, he takes his bitter grandmother, Amanda Faraway, to Deer Isle to relive her childhood memories...and to hopefully find answers for himself. Instead, he meets the energetic, beautiful Elena, and begins to fall in love. But doubts assail him. When she finds out about my family, will she walk away?

Then tumult strikes the Richards. A secret is revealed, and Todd's past comes to light. Will the couple survive and go on to form a lasting relationship? Or are they rushing headlong toward heartbreak?

A poignant tale of romance, family relationships, life on the intriguing coast of Maine and the determination to fight the effects of our increasingly sexual culture on our youth.

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"A breath of fresh air, grace, and redemption. Compelling and Winsome. I recommend it highly."
--Ted Baehr, Publisher, Movieguide, Chairman, Christian Film and Television Commission

"Heartwarming, unforgettable. Smart fiction that packs a powerful punch. A stellar must-read."
--Ramona Tucker, former Editor, Today's Christian Woman, Christianity Today, International

"There needs to be more books like this available. Dealing with real
problems as a family together with love and understanding. I loved learning about Maine and its beauty, too... Well written and great."