Barbara Hattemer
Author * Speaker * Advocate
Poignant Women's Fiction

About Barbara Hattemer

It is my dream to communicate with women all over the country and to offer them a closer look at the gospel through the stories I write. I have enjoyed writing all of my life, communicating first through poems and notes to family members and friends; later, as an adult, through letters to the editor and magazine articles; and now through books.

My life has focused on following Jesus Christ and passing on Biblical values to my family, friends and community. For 15 years I worked to set high community standards of morality here in Naples, Florida where I live and on media throughout the country. I still speak out about important issues through letters to the editor. I encourage women all over our land to take a public stand for the values they believe in.

While my husband and I live in Naples eight months of the year, we live on an island in Maine's beautiful Penobscot Bay for four months every summer. When I was young, I imagined that God was in the Penobscot Bay when he looked at all that He had made and saw that it was good. I have given this attitude to the heroine of 
An Island Just for Us, which was published in June of 2013.

When I was a teenager, my parents owned a farm in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. It was a wonderful place with horses, cows, and chickens; a man-made lake for boating and swimming; and a natural, winding creek that meandered through its 60 acres. I delighted in its enchanting woods full of long-stemmed blue, white, purple, red, and yellow violets in the spring; its white hillsides of trillium in May; and its large hayfields that brimmed with daisies in the summer. This is the setting for my debut novel Field of Daisies.

There are many things that I enjoy:
  • Moments when I feel the presence of God's Spirit.
  • Sharing deeply with Christian friends.
  • Playing tennis on a crisp day when I feel like running.
  • Working in our woods in Maine tending God's magnificent garden.
  • Swimming in Maine's cold water and feeling my skin tingling all evening.
  • Feeling emotionally bonded to one of my children or grandchildren.
  • Watching my grandchildren grow up and sharing their delights with my husband.
  • Reading a good book in my favorite chair before a crackling fire.
  • Having the characters I create become so real they write their own stories.
I look forward to communicating with you and hope you will contact me.