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An Island Just For Us

Twenty-one-year old Elena Richards, disappointed in her shallow dating life,longs for the deep, secure relationship she sees in her parents. While on her family's annual vacation at their cabins on Deer Isle, she meets handsome Todd Langdon. Intrigued by the sadness in his eyes, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to him and longs to know more about him. Might the mysterious Todd Langdon be the partner Elena has waited for?

Twenty-six-year-old Todd Langdon has always lived in an unraveling family that stumbles from crisis to crisis. Faced with a turning point, he takes his bitter grandmother, Amanda Faraway to Deer Isle to relive her childhood memories. . . and to seek answers for himself. Instead he meets the energetic, beautiful Elena, and begins to fall in love. But doubts assail him. How can he introduce her to his family? Will she walk away when she learns that his father is about to be released from jail?

Then tumult strikes the Richards. A secret is revealed, and Todd's past comes to light. Will the couple survive and go on to have a lasting relationship? Or are they rushing headlong toward heartbreak?


"A breath of fresh air, grace, and redemption. Compelling and winsome. I recommend it highly!"

Ted Baehr, 
Publisher, Movieguide.
Chairman, Christian Film and Television Commission

"Heartwarming, unforgettable. Smart fiction that packs a powerful punch. A stellar must read."
Ramona Tucker,
former Editor, Today's Christian Woman,
Christianity Today, International

"A long-tiime warrior, Barbara Hattemer is well qualified to tell of the hidden world of pornography and call for its evil to end."
Alan Sears, 
Executive Director of the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography.
President, CEO, and General Council, Alliance Defending Freedom

Reader Reviews:

"An Island Just for Us is a wonderful and inspiring book everyone should read—a moving love story that weaves everyday life in its pages. The underlying subject matter needs to be addressed and this book shows a wonderful way it can be done… I look forward to the sequel."
--Christine Guy

"I recommend this novel for anyone looking to build a better relationship with their family, their friends, or with God."

"I loved every word of it… The characters were real, the story was inspirational, the love story was beautiful and the love of the Lord shined through the entire book."
--Ellen Elmore

"Even after finishing An Island Just for Us… I find myself still living in this masterfully crafted story by Barbara Hattemer about two families vacationing on Maine’s Deer Isle where they respect and appreciate the beauty of their natural surroundings and where they observe the blossoming romance between Elena and Todd. This heartwarming story not only delights you with romance, it also disturbs you with a very edgy reality that confronts way too many families today. Barbara illustrates the importance of strong family ties, strong faith in God and unconditional love when families are assaulted by a dark side of our culture. That dark side—pornography—has ensnared young 12-year-old minds with its strongly addictive nature with results that are shocking and tragic. While Barbara also weaves grace and hope into her story, she makes sure the reader becomes informed through the power of narrative about the insidious nature of pornography."
--Phyllis Bergman

"This powerful little book screams for a sequel. It addresses not only love and faith, but a proliferating and insidious threat facing our young people as they move toward dating and adulthood. Barbara Hattemer has had the courage to break through the secrecy and put it before us. And the reader will not likely turn away… May this lively, lovely, and welcoming book find its way into the hands of not only young people who will benefit from a refreshingly serious love story, but of teachers, counselors, pastors and parents as they reach out to the youngsters in their lives who are growing up in the truly perilous times of uncensored internet abuse and the lure of all shady media."

"Absolutely loved it! I truly could not put it down and now want to read the sequel… Every woman: teenager, single, mother, grandmother, church leaders’ wives… All need to read this book. We must address this issue that is running rabid all over the world and this book is a good start in opening the doors of communication with those who want to know what to do about it."
--Susan Gaffney

"Hattemer ensconces the reader in a novel replete with the scenery, characters and cuisine of the Maine coast. Hattemer also highlights the availability and dangers of pornography, a contrast of ugliness in an otherwise picturesque novel. An Island Just for Us is not only an enjoyable read, but also a tug on our collective conscience."

"I loved feeling like I was visiting the islands in Maine with stories of the beauty, adventures and food so deliciously described. Somehow Barbrara shares the uncomfortable topic of pornography in a way that the information can be taken in without causing you to want to close the book. Very well written, powerful book. A story of family values, forgiveness, salvation, love and adventure on the beautiful Maine coast islands."
--Sandra Wagner

"An Island Just for Us is truly delightful. If you never have been in Maine, you will be able to picture the area with all of its quaintness and beauty. Barbara writes beautifully and informatively about the issues plaguing our country… at the same time showing us what it means to live on higher ground."

"There needs to be more books like this available. Dealing with real problems as a family together with love and understanding… I immediately gave the book to my daughter who is the media specialist at the High School here. Well written and a great read."
--Diana L. Odegard

"This is a good novel on a tough subject. I thought it was going to be a general and light-hearted romance until Elena’s brother and his friends get into pornography. Suddenly the novel took a whole new level of meaning. I was struck by how quickly the boys got hooked on the material. I was also reminded how pervasive pornography is, even within the Christian community. Hattemer has done a good job explaining the seriousness of the issue within the context of a fine novel. She doesn’t preach. She just tells it like it is."
--Joan N.

"This is my second book by Mrs. Hattemer and she has a way of making difficult subjects readable. This was a very difficult subject to read about, but one that needs to be discussed much more. She did a really good job of showing how the addiction just escalates and escalates until it has a hold of the individual. This book gave us a snapshot into a family who was dealing with real problems that were not just affecting them but a community. Parents need to be so vigilant in prayer and protection of our children. On a lighter note, Mrs. Hattemer describes her setting so well I almost felt the ocean breeze and the dangerous storms that can hit an island."

"It’s sweet to watch the romance grow between Todd and Elena, characters with depth in themselves... It almost felt like Barbara was using the idyllic beauty of Maine to contrast the evil lure of pornography—light vs. dark. Barbara is both passionate and knowledgeable about this subject, and I applaud her willingness to write on a theme I don’t believe I’ve ever seen addressed in Christian fiction."
--Carole Jarvis

"It is a story of romance, faith, struggles, redemption and answered prayers. I like how Barbara brings the characters’ lives together. Barbara brings to light a big problem in America that can harm men, women, children and families. Love Barbara’s writing style and how this problem affects the characters’ lives."

"Sit back and watch for boating around the bay, hurricanes, clam bakes, s’mores, campfires and a general fun time for all. This book has well developed characters, fast-paced—too short. I hope there is a sequel in the near future."
--Patricia G. Moore

"This is the first book by Barbara Hattemer that I read, but it won’t be my last. I enjoy her style of writing. She is able to weave a story that includes characters and subjects that everybody can relate to."

"Barbara Hattemer has done it again; An island Just for Us is romantic and thought provoking. She allows us to come face to face with some vey weighty issues; but I like how they are dealt with and they really cause the reader to think. I can’t wait to see what Barbara writes next."

"I have read Field of Daisies by Barbara Hattemer and was just as enchanted by this book as I was the other… The way Barbara weaves the character lives together is so captivating to me… I did love the romance and the family life scenes. And the descriptions of the coast of Maine and the life were so real. I do so admire Barbara for the work she has done to fight against pornography. I give it 5 stars and a very hearty recommendation to read it."
--Cherie Kasper

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