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Field Of Daisies

Barbara Hattemer's Debut Novel, Field of Daisies was released March 2012 by Oak Tara.

"It was very exciting when editor Ramona Tucker called me to come forward at the Florida Christian Writers Conference to accept the first hot-off-the-press copy on my birthday."                                                                                                                                                          Barbara Hattemer

Field of Daisies is the love story of Andrea and Lans Mulder who met as young teenagers on Andrea’s family farm in Pennsylvania, renewed their romance during an enchanted week in Paris and married in the field of daisies on the farm. The story highlights caring family relationships strained by the debilitating, destructive consequences of degenerative disease. It focuses on Andrea’s struggle to overcome her fear of Alzheimer’s, which has claimed three generations of her family and now threatens her own life and marriage. Readers will find hope and inspiration as Andrea turns to her Bible and learns not only that God still heals today, but that His heart is to pass on blessings to His children.

I have lived Field of Daisies, a story of three generations of Alzheimer's disease. While the romance between Andrea and Lans is pure fiction, the facts about Alzheimer's are taken from my family experience. Caregivers respond that the book offers an accurate portrayal of what happens in real life.

I wrote this book to
  • give hope to those who have Alzheimer's disease in their families and fear that they may be next
  • provide insight to caregivers of friends or family members who suffer from the disease
  • share the joys of having loving grandparents who model a good marriage
  • record and share the delights of the farm of my childhood
  • encourage those with other generational problems (diseases, addictions, abuse, serial divorce) that these, too, can be stopped
  • help people realize that it is God's good pleasure to pass on blessings to future generations.
Readers have enjoyed the
  • entertainment of a fast-moving story - some say they never wanted it to end
  • escape to the delights of the farm and the excitement of first love
  • involvement with my characters and their family relationships
  • knowledge about the effects of Alzheimer's and that patients can find peace
  • inspiration for tackling their own family problems
  • confidence that even in the most difficult situation, there is always hope. 


“Field of Daisies is an engrossing love story but so much more.  Everything in the book regarding Alzheimer’s is right on, a thoroughly realistic portrayal of dementia.  I smiled at every reference to the disease because it was so true, honest and accurate, capturing exactly what Alzheimer’s patients and their family experience.  In real life men feel everything that the husband Lans felt when his wife became absorbed in caring for her mother. When I had finished reading the book, I found myself thinking past the story.  The message stayed with me and gave me comfort as I thought of the strongholds of Alzheimer’s and alcoholism in my own family.  It will definitely help families deal with the fear of what will happen to coming generations.”

LuAnne Wahlstrom, Director
Care Club of Collier County Inc.
(An adult day care facility for Alzheimer’s Patients)

“I read your story with great interest and pleasure.  Your descriptive abilities kept me glued to the book.  Your realistic treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is very touching and you portrayed so well the pain of the losses and the events that totally upset the lives of the families and caregivers. The fact that the story was based on your real life experience gives us all hope!”

Marianne Troy, MS, Family Consultant
Alzheimer’s Support Network, Naples, Florida


"I am not one to just sit down and read a book; I am far too busy.  But I started your book and could not put it down.   It is a heart-warming love story.  Your characters are captivating and you have perfectly depicted the Alzheimer’s experience.  I felt that you were reporting on my own life and it was refreshing to know that I am not the only one experiencing these things.  It is an incredible book."

Debbie Noonan, Fundraiser for Care Club whose
Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 57

"Frequently needing a spiritual lift, I found this book full of understanding, solace and compassion. I couldn’t put it down. Sometimes I was moved to tears, at other times I was transformed. It took a load off my shoulders and started me thinking about my future and my children’s future. In the end, there is more about living than about dying."

Susan Wood, Wife of an Alzheimer’s Patient

Reader Reviews: 

“I’d like to commend you for the wonderfully sensitive manner in which you addressed some compelling themes in this story. You’ve provided redemptive treatment of a difficult subject.” 
-Focus on the Family

 “I am awed by the gamut of human emotion you described so realistically and yet so poignantly… Empathy, consolation, joy, affirmation, insight—I could fill the page with a litany of my response to your characters, your descriptions of nature, your sensitivity to feelings. I can imagine how many people will be positively affected by Field of Daisies. It is truly a gift!” 
-Nancy Hudak

“Barbara Hattemer’s love story, Field of Daisies, is the most captivating way to learn about Alzheimer’s and how to cope with loved ones –even generations of loved ones – losing their minds and driving their families to frustration, anger and despair. Her well written novel creates fictional characters who come of age, fall in love and marry, rear their children and then face the most terrible choices as Alzheimer’s strikes close to home, for the second time. You won’t put this book down once you start, no matter how much you dread reading another word about Alzheimer’s. This book is the proverbial spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down. Most of us, sooner or later, will live with or love someone impacted by Alzheimer’s. I certainly am in that category and wonder, as author Hattemer did, whether I will be next. If I am, I am much better prepared thanks to Field of Daisies.” 
-Alan Horton, Former Vice President, E. W. Scripps Company

“I was enthralled with both your story and talent in writing. Your use of words was terrific. The story was so graphically written it frightened me and made me want to learn more about the disease. The love story was absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t wait to read several chapters every night. I enjoyed it so much I put off reading the last twenty pages because I didn’t want it to end.” 
-Bill Darby

“Your book was a real blessing to me. It was so exciting and well written, I couldn’t put it down. My mother and I struggled through my father’s Alzheimer’s and my mother never accepted it. Your book helped me see what the disease is all about, how it affects all the relationships within a family, and what a power the fear of the unknown is. It helped my understanding of what I had already experienced—a real eye opener!” 
-June Allen

"From the beginning of Field of Daisies to the end, from the tender emotion of the teen-age first love to the identification of the hurt from my own Mom’s decline into Alzheimer’s, this book engaged me personally. Alzheimer’s wasn’t known, as it is now, when I went through those hard years. Barbara has captured the surprises of the daily events as they weave into life. The book was a comfort and an encouragement, even though it brought to mind the lows and highs of emotion during those years. Understanding the disease is foundational to dealing with it and this book gives the reader a knowledge that is not always accessible.” 
-Beth Fewell

“Your book was such a good story I read it straight through. It increased my understanding of all I experienced with my father. I found it so real, I cried as I read it, but I couldn’t put it down.”
Luella Varnum

“I know the author so I was curious about the book. Interestingly, I have relatives in my greater family who have been affected with this insidious affliction that she frames with this beautiful story cleverly and spiritually. I would highly recommend this read, as it is an eye opener to all people as we age.” 
-Richard Smithson

 “I was moved by Barbara’s accurate and insightful portrayal of the varying effects of Alzheimer’s disease on family relationships. Her understanding of the cognitive and social repercussions was spot on. The use of such a calm, non-judgmental approach presented a model that anyone dealing with someone who has the disease would do well to follow. As a clinical social worker, I applaud Barbara for presenting this issue in such a sensitive manner and for her inspirational words of hope.” 
 -Linda Allen
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