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About Barbara Hattemer

Educated at Smith College and Harvard Business School, Barbara worked for a management consulting firm as a Research Assistant, a Personnel Assistant and, eventually, as Assistant to the President. After marrying, she raised four children and now enjoys visiting her eight grandchildren with her husband Bob. She spent 15 years as a political activist, founding and leading the following organizations: Morality in Media of Naples; Florida Coalition for Clean Cable; National Decency Forum (Co-Founder); National Family Foundation; and Character Council of Collier County.

Through the years she has had the following articles and books published:

          *   "Snow Scene at Christmas Time,” Parent's Magazine

          *   "Memories of First Love," Yankee Magazine, (Fiction)

          *   "A Time to Begin Again," Guideposts

          *   "Charisma Chapel as Community," New Wine Magazine

          *   "New Light on Daycare Research," a chapter in Phyllis Schlafly's

          *   Who Will Rock the Cradle, Word Publishing

          *   Don't Touch That Dial: The Impact of the Media on Children and the Family

Huntington House (A book summarizing the findings of the top 25 media researchers in the country. A complete analysis of social science research and law enforcement data on the harms of sexually explicit and violent film and television written for the layman.)

          *   "Cause and Violent Effect: Media and Our Youth," The World and I

          *   “Autumn Reflections,” Eggemoggin Reach Review

          *   “A Relationship to Treasure,” Eggemoggin Reach Review, Volume II

          *   “Summer,” Eggemoggin Reach Review, Volume II

“Tips for Parents” (Regarding Pornography), OnCourse Magazine

She was featured in Christian Herald Magazine and Focus on the Family’s Citizen. She received Christian Herald’s first James 1:22 Award, Morality in Media Woman of the Month Award, and Eagle Forum’s Eagle Award.

More recently she has focused on learning the craft of writing Christian novels in the genre of Women’s Fiction.

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