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Ospreys Glide High in the Sky is a delightful child’s picture book written in rhyming poetry and beautifully illustrated by David O’Connell. Jacob and Matilda marry for life, build their nest on a tall pole and raise their children near sunbathing humans on a beautiful beach in southern Florida. Matilda protects her chicks in the nest from attacking birds while Jacob plunges into the ocean with incredible skill to catch fish to feed his growing family. As the chicks grow up, they practice flapping their wings to strengthen their muscles so they, too, can soar in the sky. Mishaps send them plummeting to the ground, but kind humans rescue them, take them to a wildlife hospital and return them to their parents’ nest. The ospreys’ goal in life is to fulfill God’s inborn command to increase their kind. The book ends with many projects for parents and children to learn more about this beautiful bird, perfect for home schooling families.

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