Reviews Hungry Foxes On Our Hillside

Emily Casto

The kids and I just read the book aloud and loved it. It is absolutely wonderful! I read a lot of books and think this is definitely a book to be enjoyed by many readers young and old!

Rachael Noble

What a delightful and beautiful poem! It appeals to the curiosity of children, with their questions, their noticing different animals that visit the hill, and the animal behaviors. I can imagine the children running out daily, excited to look for the foxes or other animals on the hill. I love how it pointed to God’s provision for the kits. A great book for ages 4-7 in my opinion, And it would be great educationally

Roz Fusco

This captivating illustrated narrative reminds me of the refreshment of experiencing the surrounding intrigue of a submersible world: my flourishing childhood adventures of New England!! Looking forward to my ten grandkids' response and our conversations raised to a new level

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