Hungry Foxes On Our Hillside

A story of two fox kits visiting a beautiful hillside on an island in Maine throughout the summer. Told through the eyes of grade school children in rhyming poetry. Appropriate for ages 6 to 12, read-aloud for younger children, Explains the cycle of life, how God takes care of his creatures by providing food for them and how mother fox leads her kits to a new territory which will be theirs when they are old enough to live on their own. A ferocious rainstorm topples three large trees on the hillside as the kits flee into the woods. The children watch the edge of the woods after the storm and fear the kits were too frightened to return. Contains a page of Fox Facts about the habits of foxes living in the wild.

Reviews Hungry Foxes On Our Hillside

Emily Casto

The kids and I just read the book aloud and loved it. It is absolutely wonderful! I read a lot of books and think this is definitely a book to be enjoyed by many readers young and old!

Rachael Noble

What a delightful and beautiful poem! It appeals to the curiosity of children, with their questions, their noticing different animals that visit the hill, and the animal behaviors. I can imagine the children running out daily, excited to look for the foxes or other animals on the hill. I love how it pointed to God’s provision for the kits. A great book for ages 4-7 in my opinion, And it would be great educationally

Roz Fusco

This captivating illustrated narrative reminds me of the refreshment of experiencing the surrounding intrigue of a submersible world: my flourishing childhood adventures of New England!! Looking forward to my ten grandkids' response and our conversations raised to a new level

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