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A New Science Offers Hope

The old debate between heredity versus environment has a new twist. Epigenetic science has found that environment can overcome our hereditary tendencies. This revolutionary science has proven that each of us has the potential to radically alter our genetic make-up.

So when we think in terms of living every day of our lives to the fullest, we don’t have to expect to receive the negative experiences and illnesses that have been the lot of our parents and grandparents. This new science is telling us that we even have the creative potential to influence our genetic code. How can we do that? Not by taking mind-altering drugs or even new FDA approved and highly advertised pharmaceutical drugs. We can alter our DNA by an active, sensitive spiritual life, by living a healthy lifestyle, by adopting a positive rather than a defeatist attitude, and by changing our beliefs from life-draining to life-thriving.

Wow! Who wouldn’t like to live every day in such a positive environment? It means we have to give up looking on the dark side, expecting the worst, believing what others tell us, sometimes even what our well-meaning doctors tell us. We need to explore these new concepts for ourselves. Do it with an aura of excitement. You may be embarking on one of the greatest adventures of your life. And don’t think you are too old to start. God may have a whole new assignment for you, a better way of life than you have lived to date. Perhaps he wants you to share it with coming generations.

I don’t recommend embarking on a journey like this in your own power. I encourage you to begin by focusing on the God of the Bible. Read His word with new expectations. I started with a study of the word “blessings.” The Lord may lead you in another direction.

Let’s explore this exciting new science in further detail in future blogs. I hope you will share with me what you learn.

Ideas taken from “Research shows health can be affected by how we live our lives” by Nori St. Paul in Listening to Life, Naples Daily News, 3-19-2010.

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