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A Rebirth of Author Barbara Hattemer’s Blog


When I began publishing novels and children’s picture books, I started a blog: Live Every Day of Your Life. I promised friends and readers we would explore how we can overcome our disappointments and meet our biggest trials with a faith that says, “Together, Lord, we can lick this problem, because nothing is too hard for you.” I enjoyed sharing stories of how other people met and overcame incredible problems. I discovered epigenetic science that tells us that our genes can be changed, hope in seemingly impossible situations. I shared my own family’s great concern: generational Alzheimer’s disease.

Have you noticed how often memory loss comes up in conversations today? This past year several of my friends have succumbed to Alzheimer’s, and too many conversations have focused on senior moments when we struggle to bring up a word or name of a person we know well.

Many friends, some in their sixties, more in their seventies and eighties, readily admit to this frustration. Is it because many of us are not taking proper care of our brains? Is losing the sharpness of recall something most of us will experience and can we do something about it? Numerous pills and drugs are promoted on the media that claim they will immediately clear the mind of brain fog and make us feel sharper than we have felt in years. Most doctors and scientists are quick to say they don’t work.

Several years ago, I became so busy writing books, I stopped sending out my blog. Now I am eager to explore again the latest findings of epigenetic science and to study the medical discoveries that indicate that memory loss can be reversed. I look forward to sharing them with you.


Several of my former posts discuss the new epigenetic science which measures the effect of a positive outlook and an active spiritual life on the ability of our bodies to heal. This revolutionary science has proven that each of us has the potential to radically alter our genetic make-up. The word epigenetic means “above genetics.” Tags or beacons sit on top of our DNA. What we eat, how we live, and how we love alters how our genes behave. Scientists have discovered that the quality of life we experience is directly related to cellular memory which we have the ability to change. Scientists now believe that we can change the cellular memories that are not productive to living the quality of life we desire.

Back in 2005, Science Daily reported that “single nutrients, toxins, behaviors or environmental exposure of any sort can silence or activate a gene without altering its genetic code in any way.” It explained that the process is like putting gum on a light switch. The switch is not broken, but the gum blocks the function.

I encourage you to read my former post “Epigenetics Explains Hereditary Change” to better understand the process. Now I am eager to read the most recent articles on the findings of this new science and share them with you.

Adults lose up to 200,000 brain cells a day, but doctors have learned that the brain can replace dead neurons and regenerate itself. Not only can we produce new brain cells, but we can change the connectivity of brain cells.


This past summer I took Lee Euler’s online course called Awakening from Alzheimer’s featuring interviews by Peggy Sarlin, author of Regain Your Brain, with twelve outstanding doctors trained in functional medicine. They have found that memory loss can be reversed, not by a single drug, but by measuring the many factors that your brain needs to function properly and rebuilding each one that is diminishing. Functional medicine treats the individual, not the disease and focuses on normal healing mechanisms of the body rather than attacking the disease directly.

Dr. Dale Bredeson has developed a protocol for measuring 140 elements in the body called a cognoscopy, similar to a colonoscopy to determine colon health. He has trained hundreds of functional doctors across the country in how to work with patients to increase the elements that are too low for good brain functioning. Many doctors have had considerable success in restoring the memories of many of their patients.

I have begun treatments with Root Causes, a company in Fort Myers, Florida, which puts ingredients that support brain health directly into your body through IV therapy. I look forward to sharing with you my personal progress and all that I learn about restoring brain function. I hope you will join me on my journey by reading my blog Live Every Day of Your Life which I plan to send out once or twice a month.

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